The beauty of farm life within a big city’s reach

Collinsville is known as “The Dairy Capital of OK.” Nestled between Highway 75 and Highway 169, the city lies 20 miles north of Tulsa and provides access to the city and its suburbs while also offering agricultural-based community living. Collinsville real estate gives homeowners the opportunity of an amazing view with city access.



Collinsville Real Estate Essentials


With a population of over 6,000, the median household income falls at $60,854, which is 27% higher than the average in Oklahoma and 10% greater than the national average. With the average home price falling just under $125,000, Collinsville real estate is affordable, and homeowners can purchase land, suburban homes, or even working or recreational ranches.

Notable Charm

As a small city, Collinsville boasts a quaint downtown. Much work has been done to revitalize the area, bringing back shopping, eateries, boutiques, and businesses. Throughout the downtown, you will see remnants of old brick roads. The city also boasts beautifully manicured parks and has a 44-acre city lake, making it a beautiful location for real estate.


Collinsville originated as part of Roger County. Once a small post office was established in the area in 1897, the location became known as Collins Post Office, named for the establisher, DR. A. H. Collins. The town grew into the name of Collinsville and voted to join Tulsa county in 1918. The town is well known for Tulsa County’s oldest newspaper (no longer in print), Collinsville News. It was also a thriving mining town due to the discovery of an abundance of sulfur-free coal, oil and gas, and zinc. Once the mining dissipated, the town became heavily reliant on agriculture.


Why Live in Collinsville?

Top Schools

Collinsville public schools excel in their academics and community. The camaraderie built by the school into the community makes many proud to be a Cardinal. The school has integrated a new phone app for students to have access to everything school-related in their pocket, including emergency notifications and sports scores.

Fun and Family

Collinsville has plenty to do for outdoor lovers, adventurers, and intellectuals. The town created a trail system for hikers and bikers around its lake and boasts other manicured parks. You can take a ride over Oklahoma countryside in a hot air balloon from Skyway Balloons, or enjoy the town’s Newspaper Museum in honor of Collinsville News.

Eats & Boutiques

The downtown area contains many antique shops where fun treasures can be found. It also has cute boutiques. The town has a diverse set of eateries from Mexican food to Chinese cuisines, but it boasts many Oklahoma cooking cafes too:

Silver Dollar Café, Doug’s Grill, Karen’s Country Kitchen, Big John Catering, Corner Cafe.


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